What to do in a Dental Emergency

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Accidents can happen to anybody at any time, do you know what to do if a dental injury was to occur? Dr Henry Shares his tips:  What to do in a Dental Emergency.

TIP 1 – Never Assume

If you get a hard knock to the mouth but can’t see any damage, don’t assume there is none. Everything may seem fine on the surface, maybe a cut lip a little blood, however, your teeth, the bone they sit in and the surrounding gums may be affected. It is best to play it safe, let Dr Henry access the area.

Dental First Aid – Emergency Dentist
Baby (Primary) Teeth

At some point your baby or toddler learning to crawl and walk will take a bump to the face, it is all part of growing up.  But if your child cops a hard knock to the mouth and jaw the long lasting effects that may occur if not checked and left untreated may be damaging.

TIP 2 – Dental First Aid Baby Teeth

Dr Henrys tips to administering dental first aid before seeing an emergency dentist. This could save your child from long-lasting damage.

Step 1: If a child knocks out a baby tooth do not attempt to put it back in.

Step 2: Store the tooth in milk or saliva if you can find it. Take the knocked-out tooth with you to the dental appointment.

Step 3: Seek an immediate dental examination, Dr Henry can assess the damage and he will recommend the best course of treatment. If you have the tooth he will examine it to ensure the entire tooth has come out or if it has broken off, leaving tooth fragments behind.

Step 4: Visit Dr Henry for regular check-ups so he can monitor the area.

Dental First Aid – Emergency Dentist
Adult (Secondary) Teeth

If you are on seen when someone you know has a tooth knocked out due to an accident, act quickly but remember to remain calm.

TIP 3 – Dental First Aid Adult Teeth

Step 1: Try and locate the tooth as quickly as possible, avoid handling the tooth especially the root, pick it up by the crown.

Step 2: If dirty, rinse the tooth with some milk, or if milk is not available rinse using tap water but only for a second or two. Do not scrub or soak the tooth. Do not wrap the tooth in tissue or cloth as this will dry out the tooth.

Step 3: If you can stomach it re-insert the tooth back into its socket, this may not be easy, but do not force it. Make sure the tooth is the correct way around and in the right position, bite on a clean cloth or tissue to keep the tooth in place. If you can’t manage to get the tooth back in, keep it moist in saliva or milk. Do not place the tooth in water.
Step 4: See Dr Henry IMMEDIATELY, ideally within 30 minutes. The sooner the better to give your tooth the best possible chance to survive.

Emergency Dentist

Other Dental Emergencies

Teeth can be cracked, chipped or become loose from accidents, jaws can be fractured, impact injuries can cause many long-term problems if not assessed by a professional.

If you are involved in an impact accident always seek a professional opinion, even if the damage you see may just be a small chip on your tooth, always book an appointment to see Dr Henry.

Make sure to mention that you’ve had an accident, so we can see you as soon as possible.

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