Health Insurance Expiry

Health Insurance Expiry

Private Health Insurance Expiry – Use Your Benefits

Millions of  Australians who have Private Health Insurance each year leave paid premiums on the table, don’t be one of them!  Very few people reach or exceed their dental plan annual maximum.

Here is a lowdown of Private Health insurance, when you need to use it by and how to make the most of your dental benefits.

Dental Benefit Plans

There are many different dental insurance plans available from many health insurance providers. You buy a dental insurance plan and you pay a yearly or monthly premium – upfront – that are wasted if you don’t go and see your dentist and no one wants their hard-earned dollars going to waste.

Use them By

Many dental insurance companies have a Health Insurance Expiry of December 31, if you have any unused health benefits they will go to waste as they do not roll over into the New Year.

Make the Most of Your Dental Plan

  • Use any dental benefits owed to your before they expire each year
  • Dr Henry believes prevention is better than cure, have regular check-ups.
  • Use your dental insurance cover early, most funds will cover two preventive appointments per year.
  • If you are a HCF or Bupa Dental Plan customer you will receive 100% of your preventive dental visits at no cost.
  • If major dental treatment is necessary, Dr Henry will work with your health insurance to find out what is covered.

Dr Henry is available at Red Hill Dental six days a week, you can schedule an appointment at his Paddington Dental Practice at 251 Given Tce, Paddington Brisbane, call in or give us a call on (07) 3368 3555 or book an appointment online here.