Are you Self Conscious about your Smile?

Self Conscious Smile

Are you Self Conscious about your smile?

If you answered yes to this question, please read on…

Have you ever caught yourself thinking…

“I have the ugliest teeth, I am so embarrassed… There is no way I can face the dentist; I feel ashamed and I’m scared about what my dentist is going to say”

Well, I have some good news for you!  You are not the only one thinking this way. It is extremely common to feel intense embarrassment due to poor teeth appearance. However, there is something you can do about it.

Embarrassment is possibility the most common concern patients have for avoiding the dentist followed closely by fear and anxiety.

Here are a few things you should know;

It is highly unlikely that we haven’t seen teeth in worse condition than yours. Let’s face it, it is our job, and we see a lot of mouths every day. We often hear patients saying “My teeth are the worst you have ever seen” and usually, they are not.

If you are embarrassed about your teeth, that is perfectly okay, that is why we are here. We love giving people something to smile about, it is what we do every single day, in fact we thrive on the challenge.

We would never judge you, “The Lecture” days are over, we are not here to make you feel bad. Dentistry has evolved, we are here to help you smile, to turn that frown upside down as the saying goes.

Although rare, unfortunately there are still some “old school” dentists out there that believe belittling and lecturing patients is okay. We completely disagree! Negative comments and frightening patients into treatment is completely unethical and unnecessary.

Don’t let your embarrassment or self conscious smile be the reason you don’t get the smile you deserve or have always wanted. Embarrassment and feeling guilty about the state of your teeth is normal, but remember we are professionals, and we have some patients who brush their teeth 5 times a day and others who brush 5 times a year.

Dr Henry’s philosophy of care is to be understanding, caring and patient. He is trained to help patients who are self conscious about their smile, or who are experiencing problems with their teeth and gums.

Dr Henry and his team is available at Red Hill Dental six days a week, you can schedule an appointment at the Paddington Dental Practice at 251 Given Tce, Paddington Brisbane, call in or give us a call on (07) 3368 3555 or book an appointment online here.