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At Red Hill Dental, a professional check-up and clean normally involves full dental consultation, examination, scale and clean, x-rays and fluoride treatment.

Regular dental check-ups are vital in order to maintain your dental health. Early detection of problems can prevent serious complications, such as infections and gum disease.

Patients are encouraged to visit the dentist every 6 months for a professional clean and examination. A professional clean and examination can remove plaque and calculus that you cannot reach in your daily brushing and routine flossing. It also helps to prevent bad breath by reducing the quantity of bacteria in your mouth.

Check-up & Clean Procedures

During your check-up and clean, we will take low-impact digital x-rays and digital imaging to explore any issues and concerns. We will then perform a professional clean (removal of plaque and calculus), followed by a fluoride treatment. We will also put together a treatment plan for you, and find ways to help you achieve the outcomes you desire.

The information we gather during your Check-up & Clean includes:

  • Medical and dental history

  • Dental needs and wants – what is your expectation

  • Assessment of jaw joint, muscles and functions such as biting habits

  • Digital x-rays for dental examination

  • Digital imaging

  • Gum condition and oral hygiene assessment

  • Teeth whitening consultation (if applicable)

Health Fund item codes for a Check-up & Clean include:

  • Exam (011)

  • Scale and clean (114) or removal of plaque (111)

  • Fluoride treatment (121)

  • X-ray (022)

  • Digital imaging (072, 073)

Removal of Plaques and Calculus

A routine, six-monthly check-up & clean helps maintain a healthy oral condition and gives you a better, brighter smile.   

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are an important part of your dental check-up. They allow the dentist to see in between the teeth and under the gum line. X-rays give a more accurate diagnosis and help our dentists to develop the most appropriate treatment plan.

At Red Hill Dental, we use digital x-rays instead of the traditional film x-ray system. This is a safer system, as the dosage of the radiation is significantly lower.

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