Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal therapy is one of the most common procedures performed to save infected teeth. This treatment can usually save your teeth from being removed.

The “Pulp” is located at the centre of your tooth. If there is an infection in the pulp then you will require root canal therapy to treat the infection. The symptoms include spontaneous pain, sensitivity to temperature, and swelling of your cheek and gum. Infection can be caused by deep decay, cracks or trauma to your tooth.

There is a common misconception that this type of dental treatment can be painful. However, the main objective of root canal therapy is to relieve the pain caused by the infected pulp, and to save your natural tooth from extraction. The thought of root canal therapy causes many patients to delay their treatment. However, the longer you wait, the more severe the pain and extensive the infection can become. The introduction of new dental techniques and the development of fine instruments mean root canal therapy can be completed with little discomfort. At the first appointment, the infected pulp will be removed.

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Root Canal Therapy Procedure

At the first appointment, the infected pulp will be removed. The root canal area inside your tooth is thoroughly cleaned, and the canals are dressed with medication to eliminate the bacteria. The root canals are filled and a permanent filling is placed on top of your tooth at the second appointment. A crown is highly recommended to be placed over the top of the tooth to protect it from re-infection, breaking or cracking.

Many root canal treatments are successful; however, on occasions the procedure will need to be redone due to further infection or other complications. The earlier your treatment is performed the less likely this will be required.


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Root Canal Treatment Dentist Brisbane Paddington

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