Brisbane Dental Implants

The development of dental implant technology has revolutionised the treatment of tooth loss.

Dental implants are often the best treatment for missing teeth. When a damaged or decayed tooth is removed, both the visible part of the tooth (i.e. the crown) and the root are lost.

A dental implant is placed in the jawbone so that it can fuse with your natural bone and become a strong and sturdy foundation for tooth replacement. Implants can be used to replace an individual tooth, an implant-supported bridge, or denture containing multiple teeth.

Dental implants are the closest you can get to healthy, natural teeth. They will allow you to confidently eat, smile, laugh, talk, play and enjoy all of your regular activities.

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Dr. Henry has completed Master’s Degree in Implant Dentistry from Griffith University. He can advise you if dental implant is suitable to restore your missing teeth.

Here are some of our dental implant cases that the dental implants allow the patients to enjoy their favourite food again, as well as bringing back their beautiful natural smile.

Patient A

Implant before and after 1 1024x426 - Dental Implant

Patient B

Implant before and after 2 1024x402 - Dental Implant

Patient C

Implant before and after 3 1024x413 - Dental Implant

Brisbane Dental Implants

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