Red Hill Orthodontics

At Red Hill Dental in Paddington we understand how straight teeth can help improve your smile, Dr Henry offers both Braces and Clear Aligners for Adults, Teens and Children.

By focusing on straightening your teeth, orthodontic treatment can help you correct crooked, misaligned and overlapped teeth in addition, orthodontic treatments may correct your bite and the function of correctly aligned jaws.

If you or someone you know suffers from crowded teeth, overbites or underbites, has an incorrect jaw position or jaw joint disorder then orthodontic may be an option.  Find out more about Orthodontic treatment; click here.

Traditional Braces

Patient A

Traditional braces were used. No teeth were removed during the treatment. She was happy with her smile and the appearance of her teeth after 14 months of Brace

Real Results

Patient B

Traditional Metal Braces were on her teeth for 18 months to transform her smile. She is really please with the result and she loves her beautiful smile now.

Invisalign® Braces

Patient C
Invisalign® aligners have been used to correct her crowding issue and improve her smile.

Real Results

Patient D
Invisalign® aligners have been used to correct her crowding problem.

Red Hill Orthodontics