What is the Best Teeth Whitening?

Best Teeth Whitening

What is the Best Teeth Whitening?

They say a great smile holds the key to personal and professional success. If you are looking for a solution for your discoloured teeth read our guide to help you find the best Teeth Whitening option for you.

In the guide; we have taken a look at whitening products on the market and reviewed them in an aim to help you make the best choice.  There are many teeth whitening products available, but which one is right for you?  They all seem to promise brighter, whiter teeth some for less than $50 and others for hundreds of dollars.

Dr Henry at Red Hill Dental has reviewed the pros and cons of your teeth whitening options.

  • DIY Teeth Whitening Kit
  • Whitening Toothpaste
  • Semi-Professional Kit
  • Professional Tooth Whitening Services

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DIY Teeth Whitening Kits:

DIY teeth-whitening kits are easily purchased online, kits usually contain a set of mouldable plastic trays, bleaching chemical, and some kits contain gels to help reduce sensitivity. Some DIY kits contain a tooth-whitening pen or adhesive strips.

The DIY teeth-whitening industry is heavily regulated due to the lack of professional consultation and guidance during your treatment. DIY kits are restricted to containing only 6% of the main whitening ingredient, Hydrogen.

The number one risk patients have to remember in relation to Do-It-Yourself Tooth Whitening kits are if the mouldable plastic trays do not fit well this will cause the bleaching chemical to leak out onto their gums, potentially damaging the soft tissue and risk being swallowed.

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste:

Most tooth-whitening toothpaste uses some sort of abrasive agent like as alumina, silica/hydrated silica, dicalcium phosphate  to remove stains, but some use other ingredients, check the list on the box for details.

The levels of abrasives in toothpaste are low, so there is no need to worry, they won’t wear down the surfaces of your teeth.

Toothpastes also contain detergents (such as sodium lauryl sulphate) to help to clean the surface of your teeth and Enzymes like papain, to help slow down the build-up of ‘pellicle’. Pellicle is a protein-containing layer of saliva, it builds-up on your teeth, this is what surface stains stick to.

Back in 2005, CHOICE tested about 20 teeth-whitening toothpaste and found they were “an expensive waste of time”. Choice had a group of 753 testers, they used a range of toothpastes for over a month, over 45% of testers said they perceived no difference at all in the whiteness of their teeth at the end of the trial. And the majority of trialists who noticed a change in whiteness said their teeth were merely ‘somewhat whiter’.

Semi-Professional Kits:

Generally costing less than $150, it seems a lot cheaper than other teeth-whitening services provided by a Dental Professional. But what do you need to know before trying it?

Beauty salons offer in-chair treatments that claim to whiten teeth up to nine shades. Beauty Therapists with little or no training can for a very low-cost outlay can offer whitening services. You have probably seen this in hair and beauty salons, shopping centre kiosks, or even mobile home-based teeth-whitening parties.

Because the teeth-whitening industry is largely unregulated those offering the service do not need to have any dental knowledge or training. This means they do not have the skills or qualifications to check for potential problems such as cracked enamel, dental decay, fillings and exposed root surfaces that need special care.

Other problems that could potentially leave you with a less than desirable outcome are lack of proper infection control knowledge, careless application and poorly fitting bleaching trays.

To whiten teeth, beauty salons are only allowed to use bleaching gel that contain no more than 6% hydrogen peroxide (18% carbamide peroxide).  Anything higher can only be administered by a Dental Professional.

Professional Teeth Whitening Services:

There are many advantages of seeing a Dental Professional for your teeth whitening service, but the main advantage of seeing a dentist over a beauty therapist is that they’re fully qualified to examine the condition of your teeth and gums.  They will also consider your medical and dental history when choosing the right type of Teeth Whitening method for you. A dentist will also be able to determine if there are any underlying issues that are causing your teeth to discolour.

Dental professions are able to offer custom-fitted whitening trays, which means they have better control over the teeth whitening solution and this means you will have less gum irritation. Of course, they’re likely to be more expensive – around $500 to $1000, – which for some is the main disadvantage.

Dentists are not restricted by the strength of teeth whitening solution, so, unlike beauty therapists, dentists can offer “power whitening”, this uses a strong hydrogen peroxide solution (up to 38% hydrogen peroxide compared to 6% offered by beauty therapists). The solution is placed in custom-fitted trays made for your teeth, and the whitening solution is often enhanced with the use of a light.

In summary, a high percentage product combined with well-fitted custom trays and light activation will give you a whiter result.   But remember, teeth whitening can cause your teeth to become more sensitive than usual.

Power whitening results are immediate, but you may need more than one treatment to achieve your desired results. You may need a second appointment or a home maintenance kit.

Dr Henry’s Tips for Teeth Whitening:

For best results avoid food and drink that causes your teeth to stain.  Tea, coffee, red wine, curry can all cause your teeth to stain, you should also try to stop smoking for a couple of days after whitening.

Tooth Whitening, no matter which one you choose will not whiten caps, crowns or fillings, so keep in mind that after whitening these may no longer match your new white smile, you may need to consider replacing them.

Whitening one arch at a time, start with your uppers, this way you will notice the whitening effect more and you will have a point of comparison.

You may need to touch up your teeth and re-whitening them after a couple of years. Remember to have realistic expectations.

There are many options when it comes to teeth whitening, Dr Henry recommends seeing a dental professional and making sure the products used are from reputable Australian or US suppliers. Saving a few dollars buying from an unreliable and unknown supplier can leave you open to poor hygiene and quality control. We see many teeth whitening scam companies advertising, so be aware, do your research and check the company’s credentials.

Dr Henry at Red Hill Dental in Paddington can help you with whitening your teeth. Talk to the team today, ask about the special offer to receive $50 off your In Chair Zoom! Teeth Whitening. Call now for an appointment. (07) 3368 3555  or read more about Teeth Whitening here.

Best Teeth Whitening