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Custom Mouthguards at Red Hill Dental

Woman inserting custom mouthguardMouth and dental trauma as a result of sports injuries are common in both adults and children. Results of the trauma include chipped and fractured teeth, knocked-out teeth, lacerations, and bruising of the lips and cheeks. In addition to the trauma itself being painful, fixing the problems it causes can be very expensive.

Protect Your Teeth

At Red Hill Dental we recommend a well-constructed and properly-fitted sports mouthguard to help avoid or minimise sports-related dental trauma. A custom mouthguard can help absorb the impact of the blow and spread it across a number of teeth, reducing the impact on any one tooth.

Customised and professionally-fitted sports mouthguards offer much better protection and support than mouthguards sold over-the-counter. A custom-fitted mouthguard more effectively cushions the teeth and gums, reducing the risk of teeth being damaged or knocked out.

Sports mouthguards customised for growing children will need to be re-evaluated regularly, as the replacement of baby teeth with adult teeth will likely require some adjustments.

Get Your Mouthguard

A custom made mouthguard will protect your teeth as well as your wallet. Talk to Dr Henry to learn more about the benefits of sports mouthguards by contacting our practice today.

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