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Smile Gallery

smile galleryRed Hill Dental is experienced in cosmetic and general dentistry. If you are happy with the way your teeth feel, look and function, then you smile, and smiling helps create a confident and happy lifestyle. Beautiful, well functioning teeth go beyond aesthetics, and a full and happy smile gives you a balanced, attractive and youthful appearance.

It is our mission at Red Hill Dental to provide you with the most modern dentistry to create the smile you have always wanted.

Our Smile Gallery is a place where we display the results of some of our patients’ cosmetic and general dental treatments. Each of the following patients received treatment at Red Hill Dental.

Smile Makeover / Veneers

Case 1:

Jason came to our practice worried about his worn dentition, as Jason had been grinding his teeth for many years. He wanted to restore his smile. Dr Henry recommended traditional braces and veneers to restore the missing teeth. After the treatment Jason enjoyed his beautiful new smile.

veneers case Jason 1

 veneers case Jason 2

 veneers case Jason 3

Case 2:

Jane came to see Dr Henry as she wanted to have a fuller, wider smile and didn’t like the gap between her front teeth.
After a full comprehensive consultation Dr Henry recommended Gum Recontouring to give Jane longer-looking teeth. Once the patient’s gums had healed Dr Henry placed porcelain veneers. The result is tremendous and Jane loves her new smile.

 veneers case Jane 1

 veneers case Jane 2

Case 3:

After orthodontic treatment to move and straighten John’s teeth, Dr Henry recommended porcelain veneers be placed to reshape the teeth, close the gap and create a wider smile.

Porcelain veneers are often used to enhance a smile with minimal preparation of the teeth required.

 veneers case John 1

veneers case John 2

Dental Implants

Case 1:

Joe lost his lower front tooth due to an accident. Dr Henry was able to replace his missing tooth using dental implant. Joe can now enjoy his smile again.

implants case Joe

Case 2:

Alan retained his baby tooth on the upper right hand side over the years. One day his baby tooth had fallen out and Alan was embarrassed with his smile. Fortunately, Dr Henry was able to restore his missing tooth with dental implant. Alan can now continue to laugh as wide as he likes.

implants case Alan

Case 3:

Joshua lost one of his tooth on right hand side as a result of dental infection. That tooth is a critical tooth for him to chew on the right hand side. He worried that he may break his teeth on the left hand side as he can only eat on his left hand side. Dr Henry restored his chewing function with dental implant so that he can balance the chewing force on both sides. Joshua can now enjoy his favorite food without worrying breaking his teeth.

implants case Joshua

Case 4:

Kate lost one of her tooth as a result of heavy grinding. She is young and does not want to smile with a black gap. After the dental implant treatment, the gap is filled and Kate is enjoying the smile she deserves.

implants case Kate

Gum Rejuvenation

Case 1:

Wendy loves to have a beautiful smile and a healthy gum. She spends a good amount of time every day to brush her teeth and gum. Unfortunately she brushes too hard, which had resulted in gum recession. She realised that traditional method of gum grafting can be painful. She found the alternative treatment option – Chao’s pinhole gum rejuvenation procedure. Dr Ho successfully brought back her gum line with minimal discomfort. Wendy is now very happy with her smile.

gum rejuvenation case Wendy 1

gum rejuvenation case Wendy 2

Case 2:

Gail has gum recession and has traditional gum graft done before. However, the previous gum graft unable to cover all the sensitive root surfaces that it hurts she drinks something cold. After the pinhole gum rejuvenation, the root surface is successfully covered with the gum and icy cold drink is no longer a challenge for Gail now.

gum rejuvenation case Gail

Metal Braces

Case 1:

Rebecca finds her crooked teeth unattractive. Dr Henry recommended traditional braces. No teeth were removed during the treatment. Her misalignment was corrected after wearing 14 months of traditional braces. Sohpie can now enjoy her straight teeth when going out with her friends.

Metal Braces case Rebecca 1
Metal Braces case Rebecca 2
Metal Braces case Rebecca 3

Case 2:

Kathryn is a teenager, and she was unhappy about her smile. She wore the traditional braces for 18 months, which had corrected her crooked and misaligned teeth.

metal braces case Kathryn 1

metal braces case Kathryn 2

metal braces case Kathryn 3

Case 3:

Sofia worried about her crowded front teeth especially her on her pointy canine. After the treatment with metal braces, Sofia’s concern is now gone and she enjoys her new smile.

metal braces Sofia


Case 1:

Emma worried that her crowded teeth is going to cause some dental problem, as they are difficult to be kept clean. Dr Henry recommended Invisalign treatment. Different from traditional braces, Invisalign allows the patient to floss easily to maintain good oral hygiene. After the treatment, Emma can now clean her teeth with ease and enjoy her beautiful smile.

Invisalign case Emma 1
Invisalign case Emma 2

Case 2:

Julie hates her crowded front teeth but she wants something subtle that suit her lifestyle. At her work she needs to talk to clients a lot, so she doesn’t want any wire shown on her teeth. Dr Ho decided to use Invisalign clear aligner to solve her problem and now, Julie has nice straight teeth that her friends envy.

Invisalign case Julie

Scale and Clean

Case 1:

Vivian had heavy calculus build up around the teeth, causing gum disease and gum recession. After the professional clean, the calculus is removed, and the gum disease can be healed by itself.

Scale and Clean Vivian

Case 2:

Jenny drinks tea and coffee, causing staining on her teeth. After the dental clean her staining is removed, and she can enjoy her sparkling white teeth again.

Scale and Clean Jenny


Case 1:

Mark had old amalgam fillings. Dr Henry recommended them to be replaced with white fillings.

Fillings case Mark

Case 2:

Dr Henry replaced Robert’s old amalgam fillings with white fillings.

Fillings case Robert

Case 3:

Amy didn’t like her old amalgam fillings, so Dr Henry replaced them with white fillings.

Fillings case Amy

Case 4:

Charlotte complained about her broken front tooth. Dr Henry restored the tooth using white fillings, and Charlotte can now smile without compromise.

Fillings case Charlotte


Case 1:

Cameron saw Dr Henry as he had trouble chewing with his severely worn down teeth. Dr Henry used porcelain crowns to restore his teeth function and smile.

Crowns case Cameron

Case 2:

Liam saw Dr Henry and asked him to restore his smile. After a full assessment Dr Henry recommended porcelain crowns and veneers to replace his upper teeth.

Crowns case Liam


Case 1:

When Ava first came to Red Hill Dental and saw Dr Henry she was concerned about the space left behind after a tooth had been removed. She was interested in finding out about her options on how to replace the missing tooth.

After comprehensive examination Dr Henry recommended ceramic bridge to restore the space and gave Ava full chewing function again.

Bridges case Ava

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